Missing a piece of the Facebook ads puzzle?
19 people. A San Jose Villa.
One Mission: GROWTH

In early May 2019, 19 people got together for a Mastermind at a villa which would improve  their business and improve their  lives.

Why else are you on this page than curiosity?

You either WANT better results,  or NEED them.

Those people left with clarity, a plan and confidence to grow their business with Facebook ads. 

I want the same for you.

You're on this page because you feel it - something nagging at you - this could be it. The chance. An opportunity.

Are you ready for it?
What would learning from two of the world's leading Facebook ads experts mean to your business?

When Tim Burd agreed to speak at my first US Facebook Ads Mastermind event I knew it was going to be big.

We're not that different in how we 'game' the system and make Facebook work for us.

Want to  see what happened?

Day 2 Sneak Peek!
I took this cheeky video on day 2 of the Mastermind whilst Tim Burd was going through his amazing insights.

The feedback from the event, plus the energy from those there made it so worth while.

We recorded the whole session to give you hours of deep breakthroughs to enhance or add to what you're already doing. Yours to keep.
  •  NEW strategies: testing, optimising and scaling your ad accounts
  •  F8 Secrets: Learn first-hand what the latest changes at Facebook will mean for your  business and your ads account
  •  Power5 Insights: The latest on what Facebook is working on and  how to apply it to your business
  •  New account  structure strategies: Stuff I've not shared before
  •  The Secrets Facebook WANT you to know: The tools and features hidden in plain sight that many ignore, but are essential in improving  profit and consistency
  •  The Secrets Facebook DON'T want you to know: A Tim Burd special taking you through the inner workings of the algorithm and how to take advantage of it
  •  The Sneak Attack and Fast Scaling: Tim's scaling  technique involving  hacking  the system for scale!
  •  Selling anything online using The BPM Method:  My tried and tested method to selling anything, including how I construct this into campaigns, targeting and creative including deeper insights on audiences and lookalikes 
  •  Scaling like a 21X 8-figure store: The inner workings of scaling insanely  high, fast, using my proven formulas including lower page CPMs and fast  traction scaling.
  •  Video selling: The art of creating immersive story-based videos to capture and engage your audiences (and if done right, reduce your ad costs and improve ROAS/CPA)
At first, I planned to offer the recording to give you valuable insights into what's working right now with Facebook Ads.

But then I realised, to truly give you massive success, I need to give you more.

The value of the Mastermind is BIG. Online training is great, but in-person you receive lots of questions and feedback which help enhance what I cover. It's invaluable being there in-person.

A recording of the event is the next best thing....

But what if I made you an offer you'd be crazy to refuse?

The Live in-person Mastermind was sold at  £3K.
The Mastermind LIVE + REPLAY was sold at £2K.
The REPLAY alone is £1.5K.

What if I did something I've never done before....
Full Lifetime Mastermind Replay + FB Ads BPM Method Training 90% OFF!
The BPM Method is my systematic process of creating stable, 7-figure+ campaigns with Facebook ads marketing using my unique Brand-driven Performance Marketing (BPM) frameworks.
The same training program used by those running Ecom, Lead Gen, Affiliate Offers, Digital Products and Servicing creating crazy results through Facebook ads marketing! Ideal for those running ads for their own business and agencies/freelancers.

This is an online training program to use at your own pace, with step by step guide on how to create stable, profitable ad accounts together with scaling strategies working right now. The training is updated every few months and you get full access to the updates for the lifetime of the course. It's a no brainer if you're serious about growing your business with Facebook ads using my proven strategies, frameworks and tactics.
  •   Marketing Framework
  •  E-commerce Framework
  •  Graduation Testing Framework
  •  Profitability Framework
  •  Scaling Framework
  •  Content Planning Matrix Swipe File
  •  The Facebook Ads for E-commerce Accelerator Series
  •  Automation & Rules
  •  Supercharged Audiences
  • Plus Lifetime Access to the training material and more!
Is scaling profitably and consistently important to you? With both the BPM Program and the Mastermind videos you'll be equipped to scale confidently - just bring your effort in learning and applying, and a product or service people want or need.

The BPM Method training program is currently available at £997 - today you can get it for just £100!
 Monday 27th May!
(11pm pst)
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If the San Jose Mastermind Workshop was a little out of reach, then here's the next best thing!

Enjoy two days of Facebook Ads Crafting & Scaling MASTERY with Tim Burd and myself. 

We've covered aspects of my Marketing masterclass via The BPM Method and we both went into our Test, Optimise & Scale strategies for consistent and predictable growth.

PLUS! You'll get to hear the latest from Tim plus our guest expert Cam on building stories via video ads!!

PLUS for a limited time only get my FULL Facebook ads, systemised training program!
Any sales figures stated above are the presenters' personal sales figures. Our results are not typical, and neither are we implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). Every success requires investment, hard work and an understanding of business and marketing to succeed. We have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing and advertising since 2005, and have an established following as a result. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. We're using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT join this mastermind.
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